Creation of websites for government organizations

We create comprehensive Internet solutions on the 1C-Bitrix platform for government organizations, authorities and local governments.
Solutions for government organizations have a number of key features:
Compliance with the requirements of the Laws of the Russian Federation. Preparation of open data for publication in accordance with all regulatory documents.
High level of security of the Internet portal.
Convenient work with data for web resource visitors.
Adapted structure and content.


Successfully implemented projects for the public sector

  • Website of the TV channel “Together-RF”

    The TV channel of the Federation Council “Together-RF” began broadcasting on April 27, 2013 on the Day of Russian Parliamentarism.  On air: information about the legislative activities of the Federation Council, live broadcasts of chamber meetings, committees and parliamentary hearings, opinions of authoritative newsmakers, regional news, reviews of events in foreign parliaments, educational and popular science programs, documentaries.  

    Cake's task is to redesign the site, taking into account modern trends in UX/UI. Expand the popularity and audience of the parliamentary TV channel through thoughtful and interesting presentation of information.
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  • Website of the online publication “Senate-Inform”

    The main task of the online publication is to talk about all socially significant events both in the life of the country as a whole and in the life of the regions, where important economic, social, and cultural practices appear, valuable experience is accumulated, and interesting events occur. 

    Cake's task is to create a laconic portal design, develop a “fast” news feed, podcasts, and video materials. Integration with external services.
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