Mission development

An effective mission statement must fully reflect the company's business strategy.
We will choose the right words to convey your thoughts to the client:
We will formulate the goal and key advantages of your product or service.
Let's analyze the branding of competitors and name the unique features of your company.
Let's check how well the completed mission meets your business objectives.
We will come up with a clear mission that will best tell the client about you.

Development of a brand mission
from the Cake company

Dozens of companies make good money even without a written mission, but who ultimately becomes a global brand?

We are confident that writing a mission is an important step that every company should take at the very beginning of its journey, and we are ready to help formulate it, using the talent of our web editors and all the accumulated experience in creating brands.
Stage 1
— We will answer the main questions about the brand
Ideally, the mission text should fully reflect your business objectives, approach to business and goals for the future, but at the same time fit into 3-4 sentences.        
— Competitor analysis
Analyzing similar brands will help determine trends: what words competitors most often use to describe their brand mission. This step will help us avoid consonances and repetition of wording.
Stage 2
— Formulating the text of the mission
Our creative team of copywriters and web editors will cut off all unnecessary things, highlight keywords and transform them into laconic, attention-grabbing text.
— Examination
A mission is not just a pretty statement. The text must completely coincide with reality, for this we will “pass” it through security questions - and make sure that the written words are exactly about your brand.

How to create your own mission?

To write a clear and effective mission statement, we came up with a simple but very effective method called "Inverted Cake".

We start with general questions—there are only three of them—and we end with a cherry—the most important question. By answering this, you will understand the uniqueness of your company.

So, 4 questions that we have to answer together with your managers: 

  1. What are we doing? (Description of your product, services).

  2. How do we do this? (What do you do better than your competitors? Your secret sauce).

  3. Who are we doing this for? (Description of the target audience, finding out their pains and needs).       

  4. Why are we doing this?

The last question is decisive. Any company can tell you what they do, a small percentage understand how they make money, but very few can explain why they do it.

Most companies continue to talk to the client the same way: «We make good, comfortable smartphones with a stylish design and an affordable price.".

But this is not at all inspiring. With such wording, you are only selling the product, but people are much more interested in the history and status of your brand.

For example, IKEA’s mission is:«Improving everyone’s daily life»

Or Coca-Cola's mission:«Refresh the world, body, mind and spirit; Awaken optimism with the help of our drinks and our deeds; Bring meaning to everything we do.»

Agree, we would have treated these companies completely differently if they had more modest missions. And the fact that these brands and their products have become part of our daily lives and even our cultural code proves that we don’t want to buy just a product, we need history and scale.


The importance of your company's mission

The mission gives partners and clients an understanding of what value you represent in the market, and helps managers make decisions on controversial issues.

For example, if the owner of Aviasales wanted to move an office from Phuket to, say, Los Angeles, then first he should ask himself:

«What are we doing? — We sell cheap air tickets.
What is our mission? — Help people travel by making flights more convenient and affordable.»
And, if Aviasales moves to LA, then maintaining the office will be more expensive, which means it will lead to higher prices for services, which is contrary to the stated mission of the company.

Why does the mission matter not only for b2c and b2b?

According to statistics, 32% of office workers around the world do not feel the importance of their work. And this is a headache for business owners: lack of motivation, and as a result, low productivity forces them to spend more time searching for additional work units.

Having a mission and a clear brand positioning helps a company retain existing employees and remain an attractive employer for new candidates.

Mission from the Cake company

A successful brand starts with a strong mission. Cake's creative team will help you create the key to a strong and long-lasting connection with both your team and your clients.

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