Creation of promotional websites

We attract attention with the help of effective design and compelling content.
And this is how we do it:
We analyze and find features for your project.
We develop a prototype, design layout and prepare the necessary content for filling.
In the end, you receive a promotional website with an effective presentation of the product or service.
We carefully design for correct display on all types of devices.

Order development
of a promotional website

Most of all we love cool design and non-standard solutions. Therefore, to stand out from your competitors, it is enough to buy a promotional website from the Cake company.

What should a promotional website be like?

Attracting attention and interest of the user are the main requirements of a promotional site. Therefore, when working on a project, we use non-standard visual effects to solve the problem.


Promo website

«Megaoptics» — the largest glasses store in Russia, which includes a center for vision correction and treatment. In this project, with the help of colorful illustrations, we told the user about the company’s services in an easy and understandable way.

Promo website
Rare Gramz

Rare Gramz — boutique of an Italian clothing brand, located in the Astoria Hotel. In this project we have implemented an interactive map that is interesting for the user to look at.

Let's start

A promotional website is an excellent tool that can be used to solve various problems: from maintaining an image to testing hypotheses within an advertising campaign.

Our team

Meet us! At the design stage, a project manager, UX designer and art director will work with you.
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