Website design

Websites with clear logic and thoughtful functionality. Strong UX design and no magic.
We design based on business goals and user convenience
Let's start with the collection and analysis of data: from business objectives and review of competitors to user profiles.
Let's create a site map: we'll think through the structure and navigation, key sections and functionality.
After launch, we will test the project and evaluate user metrics to confirm the success of all work.
We will develop a prototype - a model of the site, which takes into account all the capabilities of the interface. Everything is ready for design!


UX website design
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Website design does not begin with the selection of colors. Before creating the appearance of a product, you need to work out its logic. This is the essence of UX design or interaction design services.
Stage 1
— Data analysis
Everything is important: from your business tasks, users and competitors to the technical requirements for the site. The main goal is to understand the audience and the context of use of the product.
— Usage scenario
What does the user expect from the site, what functionality does he need? We draw up use case scenarios to find the most suitable way to implement the system.
Stage 2
Information architecture
— Site structure
We design the site structure in the form of a Mind Map, taking into account all sections and their interaction. The result is a navigation model of the future interface.
— Main functionality
We outline the main features of the future interface: what the site should be able to do in order for the user to solve his problems.
Stage 3
— Wireframe prototype
We make schematic prototypes of website pages, which show the location of the main blocks and their functionality.
— Interactive prototype
We work out in detail and revive the prototypes so that you can see the capabilities of the future site in action.
Stage 4
— Prototype testing
We put ourselves in the shoes of users and check their possible actions: navigate the site, fill out forms, place orders. Testing is completed when nothing prevents the user from achieving his goals.
— Testing the finished website
After launch, we evaluate the effectiveness of the site using the Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics analytics systems. There is a problem - let's optimize it. Is everything perfect? Congratulations to the customer on the finished project!

UX Designer Ethics

— Business interests
  • Result orientation - when the site works for a targeted action.
  • Individual solution - when everything takes into account the specifics of the business.
— User convenience
  • Clear logic and structure—when there are no unclear situations.
  • Friendly interface—when the site is pleasant to use.
An example of the design and development of a website for the architectural studio "Mera"
Before design: the old site of the architectural studio
Design: structure and prototypes of the website of the architectural studio
Design result: new website of the architectural studio


Creautz website design

The Swedish company Creautz produces shut-off and control valves, and expects functionality and convenience from the site above all. The old Creautz website did not fit into the image of a modern company and required a complete redesign.
Old and new versions of the site
First, we identify the target audience of the site. These are entrepreneurs interested in new partners, and suppliers who want to order equipment. Each of the groups has its own needs, which we will take into account when designing.
It has become clear why and for whom the site is being created, which means it’s time to move on to the structure. Using the XMind mind map, we created the information architecture of the future site: we identified all the sections and thought through their interaction.
Information architecture of the site
Example of website information architecture
We agreed on the architecture and moved on to prototyping the site. We divided all pages into meaningful blocks and worked out transitions.
In the end, the prototype was thoroughly tested on behalf of two user groups: entrepreneurs and supply department workers. Testing went without a hitch, which means it’s time to make a design.
Website prototypes
An attractive face of the company and a powerful commercial tool—that's all the new Creautz website.

Design and development
sites from Cake

If you want to save on design, order it. The point is that UX design helps to properly organize the work process: determine the need for a particular functionality, set priorities and avoid making mistakes. And in the end, you save time and money.
The price of website prototyping is 15% of the project budget. But this is several times less than the cost overrun that would have gone into numerous alterations at the final stage. After all, it’s easier to correct a drawing than to redo an almost completed building.
And one more plus. When designing a website, the goals of the users are taken into account, which means the result of the work will not just be a satisfied client, but an improvement in the efficiency of the entire business.

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