Unique design with the character of your company.
From brand concept to corporate identity and brand book development.
The main goal of branding is to create a unique and recognizable brand:
We will determine the brand's goals, its mood and values ​​that need to be conveyed to the consumer.
We will develop a creative concept, observing the unity of all elements—from the brand ideology to its visualization.
We will develop a brand book that will tell about the brand and demonstrate its features.
We will create a memorable corporate style and reflect it in printing and advertising products.

Development of brand books
from the company Сakelabs

The brand book unites all components of the brand and helps to maintain a single concept. You don’t need to reinvent new brand presentation formats again and again—they are all in the brand book.
Stage 1
— Acquaintance
At the meeting, we will discuss the project, listen to your wishes, and calculate the cost of developing a brand book.
— Company analysis
Before developing a company’s brand book, we will carefully study the brand: market segment, target audience and competitors.
Stage 2
— Branding
We will develop several options for a creative concept and agree with you on a working version:
  • Logo design
  • Development of corporate identity
— Creation of a brand book
We will clearly present the finished logo and all elements of the corporate identity in the brand book.

What does a brand book consist of?

— Brand ideology
  • Mission and philosophy are the basis of corporate culture.
  • Brand values ​​are a description for the consumer.
  • Target audience—detailed definition: gender, age, status, etc.
— Form style
  • Logo design—in color and b/w, writing methods, combinations with other objects.
  • Corporate colors—main and additional solutions, combination options.
  • Patterns—templates in a corporate style for placement on a website, letterhead or souvenir products.
  • Illustrations—characters, objects, landscapes that characterize the brand.
  • Branded font sets—main and additional.
  • Design of printing and advertising products - business cards, forms, souvenirs.
  • Space branding—from architectural design to interior and exterior design.
  • Guideline—a guide to the use of graphic elements of a corporate identity.
An example of a guideline for a network of children's football schools "Junior"
Example of a brand book for a football school “Junior”
Development of a brand book and guidelines: an example

Branding and rebranding
as the formula for success of Coca-Cola

In 1886, the first brand sign appeared: Coca-Cola. Delicious and refreshing. White letters are written in calligraphic font on a red background; such an inscription is not easy to reproduce.

Below you can see what mistakes were most often made when branding walls in the 1910s. We can say that this was one of the first guidelines.
Guide to branding the walls of houses using the Coca-Cola brand name
Want to replicate the red color of Coca-Cola? It is not in any color library, but it has its own name - “Coca Red”. After the first sign appears, red means Coca-Cola.
And in 1948, the world saw the light of a new distinctive symbol - a red disk with the inscription “Coca-Cola”.
Coca-Cola posters 1948 
Corporate style
In April 2016, Coca-Cola introduced an updated design. Campaign “Try...Feel!” demonstrates a modern interpretation of old traditions.
Photos of Coca-Cola 2016 

Brand book from the company Сakelabs

We don’t want to lag behind our foreign colleagues, because design is the first thing the consumer notices and remembers. Developing a corporate identity and brand book can change the idea of ​​a brand and company as a whole. This is a revolution for consumers and the team itself.
Ordering the development of a brand book from Cakelabs means trusting people who really care. We are attentive to the little details, because it is from the little things that a unified style is built. But the most important thing: we are attentive to the client’s wishes and the needs of his brand. We will listen to your opinion and keep you informed of the work—from the first meeting to the delivery of the project.

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