Website support

Technical support and website improvements for those who do not stand still and improve the product.
For the site to work well, it needs our care and support.
First option: basic site support on Bitrix. This keeps your project running.
Second option: finalizing the site under your leadership. You create tasks yourself and manage the process.
And finally, the fourth option: the work of the product team. Our specialists are 100% occupied only with your project.
Third option: improvements to the site on Bitrix on our initiative. You indicate the goal, and entrust all tactics to us.

Website technical support
on 1C-Bitrix

Any site on 1C-Bitrix cannot do without these standard services. Their goal is very simple - to make the site work.
— Domain, hosting, backup
  • Control of domain and hosting payments.
  • Backup your website to an external hard drive.
— Performance monitoring
  • 24/7 monitoring of site availability.
  • Daily monitoring of the site for viruses.
— Operational assistance
  • Correcting errors on the site.
  • Availability of a programmer on weekends and holidays.
— Bitrix support
  • Website CMS upd ate.
  • Interaction with Bitrix technical support service.

Website maintenance and improvement
on 1C-Bitrix

There is no absolutely finished project - the site is developing and requires changes. Therefore, an experienced team will always find something to improve. We offer website maintenance and improvement on Bitrix. Ready to be executive “hands” or proactive “head”. The choice is yours!
Level 1
Do you think we do
Do you have specific tasks to improve Bitrix and only need “hands” to complete them? We understand your high competence and offer to independently manage the process. You can work through a manager or assign tasks directly to specialists.
— Modernization and improvement of 1C-Bitrix
We transfer the site to Bitrix or new hosting, integrate with 1C. We are improving the functionality of the site and adding new services.
— Technical support
We restore the functionality of the site, eliminate bugs, and clean it from viruses. We provide support around the clock and seven days a week.
— Content support
We fill the site with relevant content: texts, banners and new products. We write and edit, we monitor literacy and a uniform style.
— Design and redesign
We update the website design in accordance with the corporate style, the choice of the target audience and modern trends. We draw new banners, illustrations, icons, buttons and other design elements.
Level 2
We think and do
Initiative is the icing on the cake that makes us loved. We take full care of the site, and you trust our experience and enjoy the result. The project develops under your control, but does not require continuous participation. Perfect!
— Immersion in the project
We are moving towards an accurate understanding of the project. We delve into the company’s business processes, study the target audience, evaluate the site from the point of view of marketing, design and functionality.
— Plan generation
We hold meetings with the participation of the project manager, art director and business analyst. We determine the immediate tasks—what needs to be improved or developed from scratch, be it a new design or improvements to Bitrix.
— Implementation
We work in all areas: management, design, programming, content. The task determines the composition of the project team, down to narrow specialists - such as a calligrapher or a 3D visualizer.
— Reporting
We provide the cost of work with crystal honesty. The report serves as an important tool: it makes it clear in which area the main expenses occur, what needs to be developed as a priority, and what can be canceled.

Product team work

If you have a large project, we are ready to provide a team wh ere each specialist is 100% occupied only with you. The team is selected individually and depends on the tasks that we have to solve.
— Data collection
  • First, let's identify business goals and user needs. Let's evaluate the metrics to find user problems in the current interface.
— Iterative development
  • Then we will introduce new functionality, create a unified design system and se t priorities for the future.
Product management is cyclical: analyzing problems and finding solutions, implementing and testing functionality, and then analyzing problems again. And so on until victory.
Website technical support, Bitrix improvements
Creation and support of websites on 1C-Bitrix

The cost of maintaining sites on Bitrix

We do not work according to tariffs, because each client is unique. Due to the peculiarities of interaction, the same task can cost either 5,000 or 25,000 rubles.
— Minimum
  • The less bureaucracy in a company, the simpler the interaction, which means the cost of work will be minimal.
— Maximum
  • Large companies with a complex hierarchy require multi-level approvals and extensive document flow. Therefore the cost increases.
In order for resource owners to better understand the methodology of working on a project, we are happy to explain and share our experience. And when the moment of unity comes the projects fly up .


Technical support and website improvement
Rossiya Airlines

Rossiya Airlines is one of the largest air carriers in our country; 40,000 people use its website every day. The company entrusted us with taking care of the website: transfer to the Bitrix CMS, implementation of a new design, monitoring site availability, resolving domain, hosting and backup issues.
New and old versions of the site
The first step was to transfer the airline’s website to the Bitrix platform. The introduction of a professional CMS has increased the convenience of content management and ensured reliable information protection.
We took ready-made website redesign layouts for work. We performed adaptive layout and configured the Bitrix CMS for a new design.
Bitrix CMS interface
Bitrix interface example
We analyzed the functionality of the site, chose the most important and developed a mobile service for searching for tickets. With it, flight information is always at your fingertips.
We are gradually improving the capabilities of the site and adding new services. One of the latest major works is an interactive flight map, which contains all the data about flights: from flight geography to information about aircraft.
Mobile version of the site
We ensure uninterrupted operation of the airline's website so that users can always travel with Russia.

Technical support from the Cake company

Creation and support of websites on 1C-Bitrix is our profile. For everyone who uses the service on on an ongoing basis, there are no longer problems with operability, updating and content of the site.

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