Naming development

Choosing the perfect name can be one of the most important and potentially challenging parts of starting a business.
The Cake team will help solve your company's naming problem
Let's analyze existing brands and identify general naming trends in your niche.
Let's analyze the behavior of the target audience and how they choose a brand to buy.
Let's make sure that the name is available as a URL: «.ru» «.com» or «.org», depending on the type of brand.
We will develop a creative concept and naming based on the key advantages of your company.

Naming development from Cake company

The name is one of the main elements of the success of your company. Taking the time to create memorable naming will give you a solid foundation for effective branding, customer base growth, and profitability.
Stage 1
— Analysis of competitors
The creative team will study the search results for your product category query and will trace the marketing strategy of competitors when choosing a name.
— Target audience analysis
What phrases do your potential customers type into a search engine to find the product they need, and what brand names do they respond to best.
Stage 2
— Sturm: naming creation
Together with your managers, we will think about the brand concept, competitive advantages, and what you want to achieve. Then the creative team will collect a cloud of suitable names based on all the information collected previously.
— Checking existing domains
Coming up with a name and finding a free domain the first time is almost impossible, since all modern companies conduct their business online, and many of them are heavily dependent on marketing on social networks.

What could your name be?

Brands are trying to choose a short and easy-to-write name so that it is not only easy to remember, but also well adjusted for SEO.

The most common types of names:

  •  Russian/English speaking;

  •  Name of the owner/founder of the company (Tinkoff Bank);

  •  Geographical name;

  •  Alliteration or rhyme (YouTube);       

  • Neologisms (Twitter);       

  • Abbreviations and initials (KFC for Kentucky Fried Chicken).


Naming from the Cake company

Good naming is compact and easily conveyed information that can attract people's attention and make them want to know more about the brand. True, today, when choosing a name, you need to take into account not only its clickability, but also the availability of a free domain.

The Cake team is able to find an effective name that is easy to remember and adapts to the tasks of your company.

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