Logo development

Logo — one of the most effective marketing tools in the hands of every company.
Create a logo that will set you apart from hundreds of other brands:
We analyze your mission and key advantages over competitors.
We select the most suitable design elements, colors and font.
We test how the finished logo adapts to different tasks (printing and advertising).
We develop a logo that will maximally reveal the character of your business.

Logo development
from the company Cake

A logo shows the client your unique experience, so trying to copy the presentation style of successful brands is ineffective. It’s better to tell your story, and our designers will help you profitably “sell” it in your logo.
Stage 1
— Determining the style
At this stage, we send a brief of our finished designs with examples of competitor logos from your niche.
— Interview with the customer
Together with the designers, we analyze the brief and analyze the examples that you liked the most.
Stage 2
— Storm
The creative team prepares 3-4 logo options on several surfaces at once, so that you can evaluate how well each of them will look on different scales.
— Logo revision
We make your final edits to the approved logo and present the finished result.

What could your logo be?

By sending the right message, your company can build a long-term relationship with its target audience. The appropriate logo format will depend on your product name and mission.
Logos of this format help customers remember the brand faster. And if your company has the same laconic name as Visa, then a word logo will be a completely suitable option.
The logo design is based on the association with the company’s product itself. The symbol can also be the first letter of the brand name. Like, for example, McDonald's.
Combines both image and font. Each element can be used separately for packaging design.
image (6).png

Logo colors

Human thinking is designed in such a way that, first of all, we read color. For example, red is movement and strength, blue is reliability, and green is calm. According to statistics, 80% of clients can identify a brand based on its colors, so choosing the right colors for a logo is one of the designer’s main tasks.

Logo font

Each font, like color, carries its own meaning. Thus, for financial and legal companies, you should choose a font without additional decor—this will emphasize the reliability and status of the company. And now for women's brands you can use more elegant fonts - handwritten or rounded fonts.

What shouldn't be in logo design

A bad logo will not only not contribute to your sales - on the contrary, it can harm the company's reputation. From here, when choosing a logo, make sure you convey the right message and take into account all the features of your niche. 
Effective logo:
  • minimum elements;
  • readable font;
  • carries a positive message.

Doesn't work:
  • copied competitor logo style;
  • stock images were used during creation;
  • is controversial or negative.

Logo from the Cake company

The first message that a buyer reads when looking at a brand is the logo, so thoughtful design is an important key for successful communication with the target audience.
Cake's team of experienced designers will develop a logo that will inspire the client's trust even before he visits the website or makes a purchase in your company's store.

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