Creation of corporate websites

We create strong websites that tell people about your company, services and corporate culture.
To create a corporate website you need to go through several stages:
We collect data and understand the objectives of the project. We determine the audience for whom the website is being created.
We are developing the site structure. We think over navigation, functionality and content sections.
We launch and fully check the project. We train and transfer control to the administrator.
We create an interactive prototype of the site with a working interface, and then we make the design.


Development of a company website may include pages:

About the company
Useful articles

Reading further you will learn about the important features of the site structure
Stage 1
We place the main thing on the main page
The home page forms the first opinion and degree of competence of the company.
Therefore, it is important to immediately interest the visitor and take into account the characteristics of different audiences.
First of all, the division occurs into the B2B and B2C segment. Their approach to solving the issue and requirements for the performer are very different. Here is a visual chart for comparison:
Audience top management consumers
Motivation rational emotional
The language of communication technical colloquial
Details of information high low
Product knowledge medium or high low to high

The second important division will be the company's position in the market:

If you have few competitors in the market and you need a website mainly for corporate needs and regular customers, then it would be better to make it concise. With this option, there is no point in overpaying for a complex website and you can save your budget.

- Fewer image photos and descriptions.
+ More important content and information about company culture.

If there are many competitors and the website is created to sell and inform about the product, then it is important to emphasize the company’s image and pay attention to promotional elements in order to stand out from everyone else.

- Less corporate information.
+ More presentations, photos and a convenient catalog.

Stage 2
Writing the history of the company
The main thing is that it is not boring. When filling out the “about the company” page, a common mistake is that it is absolutely not interesting to read. A huge canvas of text that is a torrent of vanity and, at best, peppered with a few unconfirmed figures. Boredom.

— But people buy from people.

It’s another matter if you bring interesting and confirmed facts, present an unusual description, or tell a real story.

Option 1 — STORY

Our client, the Armalit company, was asked to produce shut-off valves for the cruiser Aurora when it was being repaired. Since the plant already existed in 1900 and took part in the construction of Aurora, they took a drawing from the archives of those years and made the necessary detail based on it.

Armalite remembers its history and stores developments over a period of more than a hundred years. Agree, such a story inspires trust and indicates that the company is reliable.

Option 2 — VIDEO

For the same company, we shot a corporate video in which we talked about important areas of the plant’s work through the stories of the company’s employees. We added spectacular visual inserts with the production process and the right soundtrack. The result was a very atmospheric video.

Option 3 — TIMELINE

Another way of presenting it could be a timeline, indicating important events. The beginning of the line will be the creation of a company, and along the development path there will be milestones - the first high-level contract; difficulties during a crisis; change of leadership; holding a significant event, etc. Short descriptions, images, and other content are added to events.

Selecting the directory type

Depending on the company's field of activity, the catalog may have a different appearance. Let's look at the main differences:

— With product cards
Most sites have them; they are used when details about a product or service are required. This is a separate page with complete product information. Here are the characteristics, a photo gallery, and additional options... The functionality is enormous

— No cards
If detailed information is not needed and a simple presentation is enough, then you don’t have to create a page for each product. This option is suitable, for example, for a catalog of beauty salon services.

— Detailed information
For example, if you are selling handmade products, then you can present them in great detail: show every detail in macro photography, describe the history of the creation of the product, indicate the exact dimensions and many other nuances.

— Brief information
When the product is understandable and familiar, you can get by with a simple description of the beneficial properties and one photo

Stage 3
We receive applications from the site
Most often, a corporate website does not lead to a direct purchase, but to leaving an application, after which the sales process begins.
Depending on the project, we select the appropriate gripper shape from those described below:
— Request by email
Well suited for ordering a consultation when it is difficult to understand a large amount of data or with a very large range of items

— Survey
This is the same questionnaire, only the information here is collected by sequential questions, one after the other. It also makes it easier to choose and select the right product, plus it increases customer involvement.

— Questionnaire
In this case, we ask the person to fill out several fields to better understand his task and the manager can choose the best solution. For example, this option is used just when ordering website development.
— Simplified basket shape
This option is used, for example, when selling parts for B2B. The client regularly visits the website in search of spare parts, adds them to the cart, confirms the order and 1C issues him an invoice.
Stage 4
We update the content in the news
When developing a corporate website news is important to show the visitor that the company is alive. In the case of small or medium-sized businesses, the Instagram integration block is perfect for this task. That is, when new posts appear in your account, they are duplicated on the website. This way a person can see up-to-date information about your activities.
But if we are talking about a large corporation, then it is better to have a full-fledged news block or corporate magazine so that employees are involved in the activities of the enterprise.
Stage 5
We receive resumes from vacancies
Nowadays, competition in the market is increasing and a good corporate website helps to increase the likelihood of filling a vacancy. How to be attractive to job seekers is dealt with in a separate area of ​​marketing - HR branding. We use it in our work and develop a value proposition from the employer to the potential employee - EVP. It forms the reasons why the specialist you are interested in will want:
— work for you (this is a factor in attracting staff)
— work well for you (staff engagement factor)
— stay with you for a long time (retention factor)
One of its tools is the competent design of the vacancy page where the information is submitted:
  1. Цепко.
    Describe and present the vacancy so that it arouses interest.
  2. It's clear.
    Tell us about the procedure for employment and what needs to be done now.
  3. Comfortable.
    Place a form for accepting resumes directly on the website, instead of sending an email.
Stage 6
We attract dealers to cooperation
The “cooperation” page motivates you to participate in affiliate programs and become a dealer. It talks about how cool it is to be a successful partner.

And here you can not just tell information about yourself and your product, but also share specific techniques that will allow dealers to build a sales system and make money.

If you share your experience, tell us how to integrate your product into your assortment, hold a seminar or record an information product, then you will get an advantage that the vast majority of your competitors do not have.

Contribution to the development of the dealer is a contribution to your company.

And when people see a high-quality cooperation page, their trust in the company as a whole increases. The idea is conveyed that since there are dealers, everything is working well.
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