Turnkey copywriting for websites

We write and competently edit, carefully fill out websites and train clients to work in the Bitrix CMS.
Convincing texts and clean content layout
It all starts with a plan. First of all, we will describe the requirements for future content—from content to form.
We will prepare strong, literate texts based on interviews or your marketing materials.
We will teach you how to independently manage content on the website. Or we’ll help you in the technical support format.
We will fill the site and design the content: neatly, aesthetically and according to all the rules of screen typography.

Creating content for the site
from Cake

Compelling content is a powerful brand weapon. Neither spectacular design nor convenient functionality can replace it. We know the price of filling a website and use the potential of content 100%.
Stage 1
Are planning
— Content plan
We are preparing a document that describes all future content of the site plus technical requirements for it: the number and volume of texts, the format and resolution of images.
— Redpolitics
We describe different formats of interaction with the audience and give recommendations on the tone of communication. We answer the three main questions of the site editor: what, how and for whom to write.
Stage 2
We write and edit
— Copywriting
We start creating unique content with an interview, studying your branded materials, website and social networks. Then we write, discuss together and make adjustments. The result is original text, ready for posting on the website.
— Editing
There is text, but need editing? We do competent editing and proofreading: we correct the meaning, logic, style, grammar and typography. The result is a text with a polished form and content.
Stage 3
— Filling the site with content
We use cloud services to collaborate with the customer. You upload content to the cloud, and our content editor carefully transfers the data to the website.
— Text decoration
We make the layout of text pages in accordance with the website design. We fill the site with text, place accents for ease of reading and don’t forget about the rules of screen typography.
Stage 4
We train
— CMS Bitrix training
Before delivery of the project, we hold a personal meeting and show you how to manage content on the website. During the training, we do a mini-instruction: we record a video from the screen so that you can review it at any time and refresh your memory.
— Instructions for filling
To make the work of your content manager as easy as possible, we can describe in detail all filling processes in the form of text instructions: step by step, with screenshots and explanations.
Stage 5
We provide technical support
— One-time services
Can't solve the problem yourself? Feel free to contact us for help. We can always advise on content issues and solve problems related to content.
— Full technical support
All work with content is under the responsibility of our specialists. Ideal for those who need high-quality results without a full-time content manager.

Editorial Ethics

— Text quality
  • Benefit for the reader—without advertising cliches and empty words.
  • Competent Russian language - without grammatical and lexical errors.
— Design quality
  • Clear logic and structure of the text - without unreadable “canvas”.
  • Clean content layout - without overload and visual noise.


Creation of content for the website
wallpaper factories

One example of working with content is a website for a wallpaper factory«Artex». In addition to design, layout and programming, the project included content creation services: text preparation and content.

Based on materials from the customer, we created texts for the site that are convincing and selling, with clear logic and structure.
Fragment of text before and after editing
Verification and approval were carried out in Google Docs. Here it is convenient to work together with the customer, discuss text options and quickly make adjustments.
Headings, accent blocks, image order—everything is provided at the editing stage. As a result, we receive content that is completely ready for posting on the website.
The process of collaboration with the customer
Site content
The content of the site was divided into two stages: first, the text pages were designed, and then the products were placed in the online store catalog. All the work was carried out within the framework of a well-thought-out editorial policy, the content was maintained in a single style, without random inserts.
Laconic design, convenient functionality and compelling content—these are the advantages of the Artex website.
Creation of media content and text content for a wallpaper factory website

Content from the Cake company

There is a myth that filling out website pages is a simple job that anyone can handle. Is this so? Yes, after all, everyone can do mechanical copy-paste. And no, because high-quality creative work requires qualifications. In order not to take risks, entrust it to specialists.
Ordering copywriting and website content from Cake means getting thoughtful content that won’t be a problem.

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