UX audit in 20 000 ₽ and 1 weeks

What will you get?

Get an audit

Assessing ease of use and attractiveness for users

  • Yandex.Metrics analysis

    Attendance, audience, gender, age, devices, browsers, exit pages, heat map, webvisor

  • Report with a list of problems and shortcomings

    Screenshots, classification by importance

  • Recommendations for solving problems
  • Checking the adaptive version

Who did we do the UX audit for?

How we conduct a UX audit

We perform UX audits based on analytics. We pay more attention to data Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics. and our experience in developing websites and prototypes.

  • We look at the attendance

    How many visitors come to the site, how does traffic change depending on from month. We study the search mechanism - what key phrases people use to search for your site. CJM

  • Analyzing user behavior

    We study what people do on the site. How to navigate through pages, what interested in what they ignore.

  • Forming a portrait of users

    Who uses the site, geography, gender, age, devices, etc.

  • We are working on the site structure

    We sort information into categories, find gaps and logical dead ends

  • Heuristic interface evaluation

    We represent site users as “characters” of different types. Such the method helps to find and understand its user. The better we understand each character, the more we will satisfy his needs

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