We create an original design and a clear guide to using all elements of the corporate identity.
Erase the boundaries for your business with the help of identity:
Let's conduct a detailed analysis of the company and name its main advantages.
We will develop a creative brand concept taking into account all your wishes.
Let's teach — how to use a ready-made identity to design any media.
We will create a unique logo and other graphic elements necessary for your business.

Identity development
from the company Cake

The identity is interesting, non-conservative, and always has room for development.

The Cake team will create for you a specific set of elements that you can use for any task: design advertising, refresh the menu or navigation, brand the territory, etc.
Stage 1
— Analysis of your brand
The creative team, together with the art director, will conduct a detailed analysis of the company and identify attractive aspects for your target audience.
— Immersion in a competitive environment
We will study Russian and foreign analogues of your product or service, calculate trends and develop a suitable creative concept for your brand.
Stage 2
— Identity development
From a logo to corporate printing, the number of identity elements will depend on the complexity of your task or budget limitations.
— Drawing up a guideline
Let's make interaction with advertising manufacturers, media and other contractors easier. You won’t need to spend time developing a design and explaining “what you want” - just upload the source code and the guideline itself - they will find all the necessary information on the corporate style there.

Why does your company need an identity?

Just think about how many new advertising formats have appeared over the last 5-10 years. Why are brands so actively exploring stories on Instagram and trying to buy native advertising on Meduza?

The client is becoming more and more selective, so there is no need to put a logo on everything, thereby rubbing it in the client’s nose. The reaction to such intrusive marketing will only be negative. Yes, such brands are quickly remembered, but they also quickly become boring. Even the coolest logo without additional graphic elements, pictures, color schemes and layout techniques, like a lone soldier on the battlefield, will not last long.

In addition, identity will become a real salvation for companies that already have an initially large range of goods/services, which is constantly scaling.
An example of a guideline for a network of children's football schools "Junior"

The difference between identity and corporate style

Many customers do not see the difference between corporate style and identity, hence they cannot correctly determine what service to order in order to solve their business problems.

Development of a corporate identity is only the main visual solutions of the brand, designed strictly according to certain rules. For example, development of a logo and options for its use on packaging. This format of work is great for small companies.

Identity is a more flexible system for communication with the client. It has a much larger number of design elements—and, therefore, more possibilities.

Types of identity

Basic identity elements:

  • logo font (main and additional);
  • corporate colors;
  •  icons;
  •  pattern.
An identity system is not always required to contain a standard set of elements, and the role of each in it may vary.

Dynamic identity

The wider the set of elements, the more design options for packaging, advertising banners, business cards, presentations and other brand attributes. And when creating new layouts, the designer does not need to draw a new set of graphic elements each time.

Verbal identity

Slogans or any script phrases that your employees use when communicating with the client.

Identity of meaning

Minimum words - more visual images. With their help, you can tell a whole story or give instructions. The problem is that not every client will be able to correctly grasp the essence of your plan.

Ready symbol

As the basis of the style, the designer takes an element from everyday life/mass culture—familiar and understandable to absolutely any person.

Mascot (mascot character)

A common way to attract attention to your brand and diversify communication with your target audience is to create your own character that will fully reflect the character of the company.

Identity from the Cake company

A well-thought-out identity reduces the company’s marketing costs several times.

Our team of professional designers and content managers will create a unique design for your company that is easy to remember, will increase trust in the brand, and will also help strengthen your position in the market.

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