Guideline — a sure way to avoid disagreements and control the use of your company’s corporate identity.
Universal instructions for your designers and marketers:
We analyze the strengths and determine the creative concept of your brand.
During a personal meeting, we will agree on the design of all elements: logo, font, color scheme, etc.
We advise on how to use a ready-made guideline for ordering printing and advertising products.
We will develop a guideline that will tell you about the company’s corporate style and the rules for its use.

Guideline development
from the Cake company

We will preserve the main idea of ​​your business and take into account all the subtleties of using a corporate identity for maximum brand recognition.
Stage 1
— Brand Features
We determine your strengths and key advantages. We select the appropriate logo design, font, colors and other elements of corporate identity.
— Interview with a client
It is important for us to hear your story and plans for the future in order to create a design that accurately matches the brand's goals. Also at this stage we will agree on the content of the guideline.
Stage 2
— Design creation
We’ll present several design options for a logo, pattern, branded packaging and other company attributes—we’ll agree on a working version with you.
— Guideline development
We will clearly present the finished logo and all other elements of the corporate identity in the guideline and tell you how to use it in working with counterparties.

Contents of the guideline

How to use a logo so that it remains recognizable on any surface? — We will determine the dimensions at which your logo will be legible when printed and on the screen.

Corporate colors
The main palette, additional colors and shades that best suit your corporate style. 
Gutenberg's corporate identity    
Determine which fonts you will use for different purposes (logo, advertising, blog content, etc.).

Business documentation
Rules for the design of business cards, business documents, email newsletters, organizational forms and other text information.

Mandatory elements for leaflets, templates for booklets, badges, branded notepads and folders.

Business communication
Well-designed business cards provide an opportunity to strengthen a positive opinion of yourself in the eyes of current and potential clients.

Also another important point of communication with clients, investors and partners is presentations. And to convince them that you're the next Tinkoff Bank, you'll need a beautiful PowerPoint or Keynote template that allows you to present your company professionally and consistently every time.

Branding Options
Branded T-shirts, baseball caps, patches, stickers, pens, notepads, bags, flags, flash drives, etc.

POS materials
Templates for outdoor advertising, exhibition stands and press walls.

Illustrations and graphics
Clear style of corporate illustrations and infographics.

Corporate photos and videos
Suitable visual content formats for your website and social networks.

Why does your company need a guideline?

The guideline solves several strategic tasks of your company at once:
  • controls the use of all elements of the company’s corporate identity;
  • significantly simplifies the collaboration of designers and marketers;
  • saves time and resources of the company on creating printing and other advertising products;
  • helps to increase brand awareness and establish long-term relationships with the client.

Guideline from the Cake company

When applications arrive with a good guideline, you immediately understand the status of the company and what level of services they need. Do you want too?

Our team will not only create a unique and inimitable corporate identity for you, but will also develop an understandable and clear guideline for its implementation.

Мы точно определим цели компании и создадим продукт, который соответствует вашим потребностям. Заполните форму, чтобы рассчитать стоимость работы.