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Your corporate style — More than just a logo: it tells the client who you are.
Show off your brand's personality with a colorful design from Cake:
We will help you formulate a mission and name the strengths and key advantages of your company.
We will analyze the designs of competitors and come up with a creative concept that is beneficial for your brand.
We will draw up a clear guideline for a unified design principle for all advertising products and business documentation.
We will develop a corporate identity that will fully meet your business goals.

Corporate identity development
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Whether a large company or a start-up, everyone needs a corporate identity. Do you want to loudly announce yourself and quickly increase your customer base or rebrand and attract new markets.

Cake designers will develop a brand identity that shows your customers who you are and what they can expect from your product.
Stage 1
— Mission and purpose of your brand
Companies with a powerful and compelling mission not only attract more customers, but also inspire their employees to remain committed to their company.
— Competitor analysis
Understanding what your competitors do well and what they don't will help you understand your own personality and determine what creative concept will be successful in your industry.
Stage 2
— Creating a corporate identity
Depending on your business processes, the number of corporate identity elements can be any. For example, for a restaurant it is important to pay attention to the design of the space, menu, dishes and other brand attributes. And for an IT company, first of all, a website and social networks will be important.
— Guideline development
The guideline describes the entire created design asset and describes the rules for its use. The document helps to avoid mistakes in advertising layouts and simplifies the work with counterparties you urgently need business cards you discard the sources and guideline  remove the intermediate design stage.

Elements of corporate identity

Logo design
A well-designed logo becomes a symbol for your company that evokes positive emotions in the client and represents your mission.

Printing house
The font you choose for your brand materials. There are four main types:
  • Serif font (Times New Roman или Garamond) — a classic option for brands whose values ​​are reliability, trust and tradition.
  • Sans serif font (Helvetica или Franklin Gothic) — letters that have absolutely smooth edges. This font style gives companies a more stylish, modern look.
  • Handwritten (Allura или Pacifico) — can be a great way to convey the luxury of your product.
  • Display (Broadway, Copperplate Gothic Bold) — for bold statements and bright headlines.
Example of corporate identity for a store Gutenberg     
image (7).png
Corporate colors
An approved palette can have a major impact on the perception of your brand. What colors should be used as a basis to reveal the character of your brand:

  • Red: emotion and strength;
  • Orange: energy, friendliness;
  • Yellow: happiness, cheerful atmosphere;
  • Green: a universal color, but there are two clearly established associations in thinking: nature and money;
  • Blue: Another color for a wide demographic, signifies trust and stability;
  • Black: style, classic;
  • Pink: softness and luxury, culturally tied to the feminine gender.

Product packaging
Product packaging is the key to attracting the target audience. Good design leaves a pleasant impression of the brand as a whole and motivates the client to make repeat purchases.

Any products and promotional materials: flyers, pens, POS structures - all this should also correspond to your corporate style and tell a cohesive story.

Business communication
Business cards provide an opportunity to strengthen a positive opinion about yourself in the eyes of current and potential clients.

Also another important point of communication with clients, investors and partners is presentations. And to convince them that you're the next Tinkoff Bank, you'll need a beautiful PowerPoint or Keynote template. It will allow you to represent the company professionally and consistently every time.

Web site
One of the main platforms for communication with the target audience. According to statistics, more than 90% of clients will definitely visit your website before deciding to cooperate. A website can be just a business card or, more broadly, a full-fledged platform for online business.

Social media
After your website, the next most important online platforms are social media. Instagram, VK or YouTube - you need to make sure that you are promoting a single image on all channels.

Corporate identity from the Cake company

Corporate identity directly affects the speed at which your brand is remembered, so a thoughtful design is necessary for a company at the very beginning.

This is a complex task with many nuances. But when you place an order at Cake, you entrust the development of your corporate identity to professionals.

Our team will create a design of any complexity that will fully correspond to your mission, make it recognizable among other brands and help you quickly grow your customer base.

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