Culinary shop «Rulet»
Our client is a small young culinary shop with a large assortment of not only baked goods, but also meat and other products, as well as drinks.
Our task was to develop a logo and corporate identity that would support the existing interior design of the store. It would be simple to implement, look stylish and attractive.
We took a handwritten font as a basis, with an elegant, but at the same time easily readable style. The elements are arranged into an emblem, complemented by a small decorative sign.
We worked on creating a logo and corporate pattern
  • Art Director
  • Designer
  • Calligrapher designer
  • Project manager
  • Editor
Participated in the development
It was created by our designers, 5 of which were presented to the customer
At the time of creating the logo, the customer already had renderings of the store ready; the future logo had to complement the existing style.
We made the first sketches in different styles, looking for the shape of the inscription and the overall composition. We came up with about 12 options, after discussion it was decided to send 5 to the customer.
project Manager
The approval proceeded quickly; after the first submission, the customer decided on the direction and chose the option on which we continued to work.
After agreeing on the final version of the logo, we began to develop the pattern.
As a result, we settled on a light version, which is based on illustrations of products from the store’s assortment.
The result was a laconic, simple logo, which we supplemented with a proprietary pattern for use on packaging paper. We have collected all the development elements into a short guide.
The result is a nice and recognizable sign, almost as we planned..